General Instructions for New Moodle users

Site: SSVA
Course: SSVA
Book: General Instructions for New Moodle users
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Date: Tuesday, 28 May 2024, 6:52 AM


In this book you will learn

  • Learn how to log in to Moodle
  • Reset your own password
  • Take a class

1. Logging into Moodle

From the home page select login from the upper right corner of the screen as shown below.

The Following page will appear. Enter your username, password and then select login. Your username is either your first name_last name or your first initial last name.

2. How to reset your password or username

If you have forgotten your password enter your username and then select forgotten your user password. As shown below.

Select Search by email address. Use your personal e-mail address you provided to SSVA upon hire.

2.1. Page Two

DO NOT select continue as show below.

Instead go to your personal e-mail. The message will be labeled as shown below.

Once you open the e-mail select the link provided as shown.

2.2. Page Three

The following page will appear. Enter in a new password 2x. Your password must be:

·        at least 8 characters long

·        include at least one Capital letter

·        One number and

·        One special character

Then select save changes as shown

Once you select save changes Moodle opens to your dashboard

3. Taking classes in Moodle

Your Dashboard will appear once your logged in

This is an example of what your dashboard looks like. If the class, you have been scheduled to attend does not appear on this page contact your local EE coordinator.

To take a class select the training under course overview and get started.

3.1. Tick Boxes

Tick marks in training classes show you your progress and track activity completion. Some tick boxes with have a solid outline, while other will have a dotted outline. See below

Solid tick marks you must check yourself to receive credit for the activity.

Dotted outlined tick boxes will require that you complete all required components of the activity. Once you complete the activity a check mark will appear indicating you have met the requirements for that activity.

3.2. Additional Information

A few additional hints for taking classes in Moodle

The highlighted blue headings are not links.

Any place you see a tick mark will be a link, activity or quiz.

See below

When opening a video or a quiz. Once you have completed the video or quiz you have to select the back-arrow button at the left of your screen to return to the training as shown no the next page.

Select the arrow as shown below

The arrow brings you back to the training, so you can select the next activity.

One you have completed the class, be sure all tick boxes have a check mark. If they do log out. You do not need to do anything else.