In order to qualify as a DSP Three you must complete the following training classes and have a working knowledge of policies and tasks required for this position.

This Curriculum includes:

  • An Introduction to Positive Practices (Classroom)
  • Writing Workshop / Therap Training (Classroom)
  • Driver Safety and Home Maintenance (Online)

Positive practices are a set of specific tools used to facilitate growth and learning in the people we support.   They are based on the concepts of gentle teaching and human interdependence and focus strongly on building a sense of self-worth by providing positive attention to desired behavior and disregard of negative behavior.    Learning to focus on a person completely with positive regard and fully encourage learning takes a great deal of practice (it is not the way that most people interact with the world).   


The overall goal of Writing Workshop 1 is for each of you to achieve with a good understanding of the documentation requirements for your job and to feel comfortable completing documentation for your site and the individuals you support.

In the course you will learn;

How to Complete:

  • GER
  • a T-log
  • Skin Wound
  • SComm
  • Intake/Elimination Chart