The pages in this section will help you quickly access common tasks for your position. This can be accessed from your smartphone. 

Use these documents regularly as a resource and reminder of how to complete common tasks. 

This course includes an overview of the Person Centered Tool/Skill and acts as a guide to assist you in using the person centered tools/skills in your everyday work. 

Orientation Manual for Direct Support Professionals (DSP): Supporting People in their Homes and Communities


Welcome to Support Services of Virginia, Inc. (SSVA)!!! We are delighted that you have chosen to join our organization and hope that you will enjoy a long and successful career with us. As you become familiar with our culture and mission, we hope you will take advantage of opportunities to enhance your career and further SSVA’s goals.



Support Services of Virginia, Inc. (SSVA) wants to ensure that all employees are aware of current policies and procedures along with benefits offered.  This handbook will help you understand what you can expect from SSVA and what SSVA expects from you. You should familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures outlined in this handbook. Since it is impossible to foresee every situation that may arise, please ask your supervisor or Employee Experience Coordinator (EEC) if you have questions about items not covered or need further explanation.